Services while Covid-19 Restrictions are in place

All Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings,
both regulatory
and following Anglican Church of Southern Africa guidelines are observed.

Everyone attending services is required to:
Wear a face mask that covers nose and mouth
Not gather outside the church before the service commences
Have skin temperature taken and recorded on entering
Record name, contact number, and details of possible exposure
Sign the record
Have hands sanitized
Observe social distancing by sitting only in places marked with praying hands
Observe social distancing in the single file
for those receiving Communion
Remain in place at The Peace and acknowledge others only through eye contact
Leave the church immediately the service concludes
Refrain from gathering with others outside the church after the service.


The Eucharist commences at 09:00
The service lasts approximately 75 minutes.
Hymns are sung (wearing face masks!)
The Gloria, Psalm, Kyries and Eucharist responses are recited.


The service commences at 09:30
The service lasts approximately 45 minutes.
No processions, music or hymns are used.