The building for Christ the King parish in Claremont, Cape Town, was finally consecrated by Archbishop Robert Selby-Taylor (pictured right) in October 1968 after the foundation stone for the current building was laid by Princess Marie Louise, last granddaughter of Queen Victoria, on April 5, 1955.

A bell cast in England was hung in the Bell Tower and is still there to this present day.

Fr. Langmore joined the church as assistant part-time priest.  Bishop George Tobias, a regular daily communicant celebrated his 90th birthday in this year.  Fr. Langmore stayed for a short period before he left to serve at the Cathedral.

Fr. Collins was appointed Archdeacon of Cape Town and was transferred to St. Barnabas Church, Cape Town.

Fr. Frederick Findlay, previously Dean of Bloemfontein came as priest to Christ the King.  During his incumbency girls began to serve at the Altar.   ‘Liturgy 1975′ was introduced in the diocese after first being given a trial run at the church.

Poor health forced the resignation of Fr. Findlay.

BasilBertholdTNFr. Basil Berthold (right) became priest.  General improvements around the church were  made and the rectory became more available to parishioners for church activities and meetings. The charismatic movement took root and choruses were introduced at some services.

Fr. Berthold’s eyesight began to fail.  A special rail was erected to enable him to walk from the rectory to the church.  The church roof was repaired.

Fr. Lionel Kuiper, a non-stipendiary priest was appointed to help Fr. Berthold.  During this period permission was granted to serve communicants from the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches with communion. Fr. Kuiper was an excellent craftsman and he made the movable, beautifully carved altar, which brought the sacraments closer to the people.  This is still used in the church.  To help Fr Berthold lay ministers began to take certain parts of the liturgy.  After serving the congregation well, Fr. Berthold left, creating a short interregnum period.

HenryFrieslaarTNFr. Henry Frieslaar (left), who had been chaplain at the Diocesan College, had served the Holy Trinity Parish in Paarl.  He was enthusiastically involved in all aspects of the congregation.  In 1989 “A prayer Book 1989″ was launched in the churches.  Fr. Frieslaar introduced the idea of a prayer chain.  As a private venture he led a church group to Oberammergau and Turkey.  After 4 years he was transferred to St. Oswald’s, Milnerton.

Fr. Hilton Marias (below right), who had served as curate at St. Saviour’s, became rector.  More evangelical traditions were introduced.  Alpha courses, Renew and missions took place and were very stimulating.  A spiritual dance group was formed.  Healing services were arranged, as well as other spiritual related activities.   Finances continued to be a problem.  There were more roof leaks and a loan was taken out, but financial problems increased.HiltonMaraisTN

Fr. Michael Parker became priest-in-charge whilst we waited for a new priest.  At this stage the viability of keeping the church going was being considered.

Fr. Julian Titus (below) came from St. Mary’s, Woodstock to rescue the situation.  He launched a scheme which brought in R100,000 to clear the debt, and the congregation could breathe again.

JulianTitusTNFr Julian retired in October 2011 but was permitted to continue officiating until January 2012.

During the year long interregnum the Parish was served until Easter by the Rev. Mervyn Moore and thereafter by Rev. Erica Murray.

Rev. Cheryl Bird was instituted as Rector on the 20 January 2013.